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Accomodations in Austria

Cosmo and Nanu


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  • Mohamed wrote on 14. 07. 2012 from xMUtaeEriPldaaPrYrz

    Alan, that's a proper rant! Cheers Callum, again a lot of sense there. The prbeloms are deep-rooted and will not be easily fixed. This is not just an Aberdeen problem though, Perth has similar issues a once prosperous town in rapid decline. They all need to take a leaf out of Dundee's book. It's by no means perfect, but it re-invented itself cos it had to. We lived there in the '80s and it was on its' knees. Someone had the foresight to invest in the arts and the city now has a cultural heart, with great facilities like the DCA. It will soon also host the V&A.Aberdeen needs to do something similar, but who'll take up the challenge?


  • Nguyen wrote on 14. 07. 2012 from lzvEzfNHEOVcEg

    Not ungrateful, but raethr than not spedning time with the family at all, suggest another vacation spot nobody has been too and where your dad can't speak german! LOL


  • Pedro wrote on 14. 07. 2012 from GmkSIZFDeFZ

    Keep it up as long as you can! I was still running at 42 weeks with my son OK, it was more of a labeord trot at that point, but I was moving. Of course much of my motivation was to get him out. Both my kids were 42 weekers little buggers.My daughter was a little harder. She found a nice spot on my sciatic nerve around 24 weeks and just stayed there. As a result I had lots of back and hip pain and running really aggrivated it. I was able to walk some and did lots of yoga though.Being in shape makes labor soooo much easier. I truly believe I had short, easy, natural labors (I birthed at home) much in part due to staying very active during pregnancy.


  • Soukaina wrote on 14. 07. 2012 from crryadrVJtq

    I agree with you philosophically, but have a slithgly different view. Came across quite a few teenage (and probably a few younger than that) prostitutes in my time working the street. Never, ever heard of one that was working for herself. Most were forced into it by pimps who threatened bodily harm to them or their families. That is, if they were lucky enough to have family. Once this starts its not prostitution but sexual slavery. It's hard to articulate the amount of psychological intimidation. Along the lines of a good, sick, symbiotic domestic violence relationship with gang rape thrown in. (If you haven't seen it, I recommend the documentary American Pimp. Made me wanna throw up.) Up entry into the "profession" most are beaten, then told it will be worse if they disobey or try to leave. You worked the street, you know how this works.Agreed that prostitution can't be stopped & we'd better use resources regulating as opposed to prosecuting. But it's difficult to make a case that people who a)can't legally consent to sex with an adult and b)can't even register to vote can legally/lawfully engage in the profession, all aforementioned issues aside. I have a nice litmus test for prostitution: If the person engaged in prostitution is allowed or able to leave the profession anytime they want to it's legit.Sgt. T


  • Isidra wrote on 14. 07. 2012 from YjNosaFGYCbu

    that itinerary is poislbse, but I wouldn't recommend it. Hell, 3 weeks isn't enough for some of those cities!You're gonna get sick of trains and moving. Eventually, you're going to want to slow your pace down a little bit. I would suggest at least cutting out Rome and London, not because they're not interesting, but because they're out of the way. There are, of course, other alterations you could make, that could make a second trip much easier. That was only one option. If you haven't been to Europe before, you're going to want to go again, and you will, so don't treat this trip like it's the only time you're going to Europe. Expect to go with every intention of returning in the near future. I've been to Europe five times, and it's really easy if you find cheap airfare and cheap places to stay.In regards to your other questions1) I've never travelled by myself, but I will be in Spain for a few weeks this summer by myself and am looking forward to it. I was in Paris for a week with a friend of mine last summer and, despite us being really good friends, we were about about to kill each other by the end of the trip. You don't need to go with your best friend, just someone you know well and are willing to make some sort of compromise with. Expect to want to do different things on different days.2) I got to Prague from Berlin by bike, but I know Czech rail is relatively cheap and German rail is moderate.4) May in Europe, to my knowledge, is nice. It probably won't get below 40F or above 80F. Rain-wise, I don't think it gets bad. This is only by word of mouth, though, as I've never actually been to Europe in May.


  • Hacia wrote on 13. 07. 2012 from PZuaeBTPdKb

    it took her and her husband AGES to find one frnied. Now they have 5 frnieds after 25 years!I've found that the people in my village tend to socialize in larger groups associated with a club be that the choir, the fruit and vegetable club, the eisstocksverein or whatever. I know a lot of Austrians in this kind of way and they are my frnieds but it is different to the UK where my frnieds and I would be around each others houses all the time. Having said that, we are good frnieds with a couple of our neighbours and pop in to see each other often.I'd imagine it is slightly different for you living in the city compared to a village of just 1000 people.


  • Rodrigo wrote on 13. 07. 2012 from StGnmMTvDWaqZmUStto

    hi vj, as you know, the dollar does’nt buy much in Europe ayonmre. We also have 4 kids, so we know that you have to watch how you spend your $. We’ve been to both the eastern and western Med and have enjoyed both. In the west, Barcelona is very nice as well as Florence, Italy, but you’ll get more bang for your buck in the ex-soviet countries in the eastern Med. Thats why I suggest you go to the Crimea region of the Black Sea. You can visit Eupheus and Istanbul Turkey as well as Varna Bulgaria, Yalta Russia and Odessa in the Ukriane. Dubrovnik Croatia is very nice and is now becoming very popular with the Europeans. These places offer culture, friendly hospitable people and beautiful beaches. I would skip Constanza, Romania, as the people there are cold and unfriiendly like the Russians. The very best museum we ever visited is the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia, but that’s north. Research and ENJOY


  • Anup wrote on 13. 07. 2012 from fJFCrEOkH

    I just looked up some thgins for you on A 5-day youthpass (under 26) for Germany and Austria costs $273, plus you'd need to pay about $62 for the crossing through Czechy.So, since a 3-country select pass (Au, Ge, Cz) is only $279, if 5 days are enough, go for that.


  • Abdelhak wrote on 13. 07. 2012 from sVjuCZOpPiRlICOxC

    If you are about choosing one of those two opniots,then you defenately have to choose Munich/SalzburgSalzburg is so piqturesque and beautiful city and Munich has lots to do (must visit:Kf6nigssee)If you want an alternative, a tour over meditteranean is also a great idea, or a trip tp Greece.Great beaches,historical sightseeings,great weather,lots of choices to choose from


  • replica louis vuitton bags wrote on 13. 07. 2012 from

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Latest News


Property price rise continues
The price of property in Vienna has now spiralled so much that every 4th apartment comes with a price tag of 500,000 or more. And every second flat costs 300,000 or more.

Former footballers charged over match-fixing
Austrian prosecutors have charged former footballer Dominique Taboga over allegations of match-fixing, nearly five months after his connection to the scandal was exposed.

Salzburg cheetahs great escape
For the third time in two years a cheetah has broken out from Salzburg Zoo this week.

NGOs calls for Salzburg to act against nitrogen oxide
A consortium of environmental NGOs angry at the excessive levels of nitrogen dioxide polluting the air in the Austrian state of Salzburg have said they will launch legal action against the state unless a change is made.

Nazi Gurlitt family may be hoarding more artwork
The trove of artworks stolen by the Nazis and allegedly hoarded away by art dealer Hildebrand Gurlitt could be larger than previously thought after Austrian officials confirmed the discovery of a third house in Austria belonging to the family.

Further 180 Gurlitt paintings found in Salzburg
A further 180 paintings have been found in the Salzburg home of Cornelius Gurlitt, the son of a Nazi art dealer who made headlines in 2012 when a hoard of artwork was discovered by tax inspectors in his Munich flat.

Swedish woman fighting for life after being run over by snowmobile
A young Swedish waitress is fighting for her life after being run over by a 6.5 tonne snowmobile after deciding to ski down a closed off piste while it was being prepared at the Saalbach-Hinterglemm resort in Salzburg.

Salzburg win the Bundesliga with eight games still to go
Red Bull Salzburg have secured the top title in Austria' football league Bundesliga, the earliest point in the season the winner has ever been decided.

Austrian duped by fake Prince Harry on Facebook
An Austrian tradesman who thought Britain's Prince Harry had contracted him to provide parquet floors at Buckingham Palace is unlikely to have the 27,000 EUR he transfered to a conman returned, according to police.

Salzburg FC look to continue winning streak tonight
Red Bull Salzburg will be hoping to continue their impressive winning streak in the UEFA Europa League with a win tonight against Swiss side Basel.


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