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Cosmo and Nanu


Westbahn welcomes 6,000 a day

Westbahn manages to sell one in two of the overall number of tickets it offers, a spokesman said today (Fri).

Manfred Mader told the Kurier that the private passenger railway service provider recorded nearly 6,000 passengers on average each day. He explained that around 50 per cent of tickets were sold at the moment. Westbahn became the first domestic competitor of Federal Railways (ÖBB) when it started operating in December of last year. The company offers several daily connections between federal capital Vienna and provincial capital Salzburg.

Westbahn hoped to convince former ÖBB clients to switch to its trains by offering a wireless internet connection and restrooms separated by sex. It cooperates with bakery chain Ströck about on-board food services. ÖBB revealed only last week that it decided to team up with airline catering expert DO&CO. The state-funded railroad firm came under fire last year when investigative journalists claimed that its catering provider served up sausages past their expiry date. ÖBB, which has more than 42,000 employees, registered 210 million passengers in 2010. Westbahn has a workforce level of around 200.

Mader said today that Westbahn benefited from the Viennese government’s intention to increase the inner-city zone where drivers must pay for parking their cars. The Viennese Social Democrats (SPÖ) and Vice Mayor Maria Vassilakou’s Green Party agreed last year to jack up the price for two hours of parking from 2.40 to four Euros. Various other parking ticket versions will become more expensive as well. The reform comes into effect in March. Motorists must pay for parking in Vienna’s nine central districts at the moment. The city coalition plans to hold referendums in several other districts to find out how residents would react to an expansion of the area where using parking ticket was mandatory.

Westbahn was established by Hans Peter Haselsteiner, the CEO of Strabag SE, in 2008. Strabag leads the domestic construction sector. It is strongly engaged across Eastern Europe (EE), especially in Poland and Russia, but also in the Arabian region. Haselsteiner holds a 26 per cent share in Westbahn. Paris-based railway enterprise Societe nationale des chemins de fer francais (SNCF) acquired a stake of the same size half a year ago. Around 130 million Euros were invested into Westbahn before the company began operating on 11 December 2011. Westbahn is headed by Stefan Wehinger. The former ÖBB manager said the goal was to achieve an operating profit in 2012.

Westbahn has clashed with ÖBB in court about various issues in the past months. The private railroad company is now forced to brace for legal altercations with anti-smoking initiatives. Self-proclaimed smoking sheriffs recently decided to prepare a lawsuit against Westbahn over an alleged breach of Austrian smoking laws. They claimed the rail enterprise’s smoker cabins contradicted federal restrictions on smoking in public places. The campaigners complained that non-smokers were often forced to walk through the on-train smoking areas to reach their seats.

Austrian Times

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    » Business 2012-05-31

    A real estate expert has expressed concerns about property prices in Austria.

  2. Austrian skiers create overnight stay record

    » Business 2012-05-29

    The number of winter season overnight stays by Austrians has reached a new record.

  3. FW turnover takes off

    » Business 2012-05-24

    Austria’s biggest airport has managed to increase its profit.

  4. Vassilakou ensnares Pirates

    » General News 2012-05-02

    Vienna Greens Vice Mayor Maria Vassilakou has appealed on the Austrian Pirate Party (PPĂ–) to consider a partnership.

  5. SPĂ–'s big guns trained on Strache

    » General News 2012-05-02

    Vienna Mayor Michael Häupl has warned from a coalition between the People’s Party (ÖVP) and the Freedom Party (FPÖ).

  6. Makeover for VIA terminals

    » Business 2012-04-25

    The terminals of Vienna International Airport (VIA or VIE) will be renovated or rebuilt, according to Flughafen Wien AG (FW).

  7. Widespread scepticism about Greens' new cycling project

    » General News 2012-04-06

    A heated debate has erupted following a radical traffic reform idea by the Viennese Greens.

  8. Gunkl tour starts

    » Panorama 2012-04-05

    Gunkl – one of Austria’s most gifted stage entertainers – is performing a new programme.

  9. Fuel price hikes make public transport more popular

    » General News 2012-04-04

    More and more people are using means of public transport as car fuel prices hit a new high.

  10. Davutoglu praises integration

    » General News 2012-03-23

    Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has visited a school in Vienna.

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  1. Austrian skiers create overnight stay record

    » Business 2012-05-29

    The number of winter season overnight stays by Austrians has reached a new record.

  2. IV demands focus on industry in crisis

    » Business 2012-05-24

    The general secretary of the Federation of Austrian Industries (IV) has appealed on Europe’s political leaders to strengthen the continent’s industry.

  3. FW turnover takes off

    » Business 2012-05-24

    Austria’s biggest airport has managed to increase its profit.

  4. Internet increasingly attractive to holidaymakers

    » Business 2012-05-15

    The number of Austrians opting for online solutions when it comes to booking a holiday is soaring.

  5. Strabag turnover soars thanks to EE

    » Business 2012-05-01

    Two of Austria’s leading construction companies had good and bad news for shareholders in the past few days.

  6. Makeover for VIA terminals

    » Business 2012-04-25

    The terminals of Vienna International Airport (VIA or VIE) will be renovated or rebuilt, according to Flughafen Wien AG (FW).

  7. DM Austria set to spend €70mn

    » Business 2012-04-20

    DM Austria plans investments of 70 million Euros.

  8. Fuel price hikes boost Ă–BB passenger figures

    » Business 2012-04-17

    Federal Railways (Ă–BB) is benefiting from rising fuel prices, according to CEO Christian Kern.

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    The number of car registrations is climbing.

  10. Car fuel prices rise further

    » Business 2012-04-11

    The price for petrol keeps increasing, new figures show.

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Latest News


Police And Firemen Get Cold Turkey
Flipping the bird was given a new meaning in Austria this week when a truck filled with plucked turkeys overturned, closing a busy motorway in the process.

Rare Bald Ibis Makes Microlight Flight To Italy
The project to introduce an extinct bird back to Europe is hailing success after successfully negotiating a new route over the Alps and training 14 Northern Bald Ibises how to fly south to winter feeding grounds in southern Tuscany.

Brit Soldier Rescued After Climbing Mountain In T Shirt
A British soldier who tackled the frozen Austrian Alps wearing just shorts and a T-shirt has been rapped by officials after he had to be rescued from the snowy peak.

Jobless Footballers Join Dole Rangers To Showcase Their Talent
Austria's job centres are entering the big league - by creating a football team to allow jobless footballers to showcase their talent and get work.

Good manners guide for Arabs dropped by Salzburg tourism officials
Tourism chiefs in Salzburg have been forced to withdraw a controversial etiquette guide for Arabs that aimed to stop them trying to haggle over prices, cooking in their rooms, and dumping their litter around the region.

Strongman pulls worlds largest twinjet plane out of hanger
A strong man known as the "Austrian Rock" has notched up his 16th endurance world record, this time by pulling a Boeing 777 plane from its hangar at the Vienna International Airport in Schwechat.

Austria receives record visitors from UAE
Austria received a record amount of visitors from the United Arab Emirates in 2013, according to the Austrian National Tourist Office.

Cheetah enclosure rebuilt after run of escapes
After a run of great escapes from the cheetah residents of Salzburg Zoo, the big cat enclosure has been rebuilt in an effort to prevent further breakouts.

Hosting Eurovision 2015 in Austria already complicated
The search for a suitable location for next year's Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Austria is already hitting complications with still 11 months to go until the event.

FIFA extend Taboga ban worldwide
The life time football ban imposed upon player Dominique Taboga by the Austrian Football Association (Ă–FB) in February for match-fixing has been extended by FIFA today to include worldwide activities.


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