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Accomodations in Austria

Cosmo and Nanu


Red Bull has its wings clipped

Austrian energy dinks company Red Bull has had its wings clipped after it lost its court battle against a Dutch company over the usage of the word "Flügel" - meaning wings in German.

Red Bull had sued the Dutch company which produces an alcoholic mixed drink labelled "Flügel" (Wings) - claiming it was too close to the Red Bull Slogan that it "Gives You Wings".

Red Bull lawyers said this was breaching their rights, but the high court in Salzburg, Austria, has thrown out the claims.

"Flügel" - an alcoholic drink with a pink duck label - was not in danger of being mixed up with Red Bull and they were not similar products, the court ruled.

Salzburg copyright expert Clemens Thiele told the court that there was no danger whatsoever of confusing the two products.

He said: "We are comparing two completely different products here. You even see on Red Bull's can's the words - "Don't mix with alcohol". The other product is clearly an alcoholic beverage. So it is highly unlikely the consumer would confuse an alcoholic beverage with an energy drink which is non alcoholic and does not want to be associated with alcoholic drinks."

Austrian Times

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Latest News


Police And Firemen Get Cold Turkey
Flipping the bird was given a new meaning in Austria this week when a truck filled with plucked turkeys overturned, closing a busy motorway in the process.

Rare Bald Ibis Makes Microlight Flight To Italy
The project to introduce an extinct bird back to Europe is hailing success after successfully negotiating a new route over the Alps and training 14 Northern Bald Ibises how to fly south to winter feeding grounds in southern Tuscany.

Brit Soldier Rescued After Climbing Mountain In T Shirt
A British soldier who tackled the frozen Austrian Alps wearing just shorts and a T-shirt has been rapped by officials after he had to be rescued from the snowy peak.

Jobless Footballers Join Dole Rangers To Showcase Their Talent
Austria's job centres are entering the big league - by creating a football team to allow jobless footballers to showcase their talent and get work.

Good manners guide for Arabs dropped by Salzburg tourism officials
Tourism chiefs in Salzburg have been forced to withdraw a controversial etiquette guide for Arabs that aimed to stop them trying to haggle over prices, cooking in their rooms, and dumping their litter around the region.

Strongman pulls worlds largest twinjet plane out of hanger
A strong man known as the "Austrian Rock" has notched up his 16th endurance world record, this time by pulling a Boeing 777 plane from its hangar at the Vienna International Airport in Schwechat.

Austria receives record visitors from UAE
Austria received a record amount of visitors from the United Arab Emirates in 2013, according to the Austrian National Tourist Office.

Cheetah enclosure rebuilt after run of escapes
After a run of great escapes from the cheetah residents of Salzburg Zoo, the big cat enclosure has been rebuilt in an effort to prevent further breakouts.

Hosting Eurovision 2015 in Austria already complicated
The search for a suitable location for next year's Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Austria is already hitting complications with still 11 months to go until the event.

FIFA extend Taboga ban worldwide
The life time football ban imposed upon player Dominique Taboga by the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB) in February for match-fixing has been extended by FIFA today to include worldwide activities.


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