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Austrian Chamber of Commerce plans International English School in Salzburg

The Austrian Chamber of Commerce and the regional educational board are planning to build an international school in Salzburg where students will be taught in English.

There are now concrete plans to open the school in 2016. "Salzburg will thus attract even more international qualified employees with children." says Manfred Pammer, Deputy Managing Director of the Chamber.

"The school will provide education in English for 10 to 19-year-olds. Qualified employees are more likely to work abroad when their children’s best possible education is ensured."

Up to this point, Salzburg has not been offering the opportunity of education in English from the age of 10 to 19. Herbert Gimpl, president of the regional educational board, says that the inhabitants of Salzburg will also benefit from an international school.

The Chamber of Commerce plans to take over the maintenance of the international school on the premises of the tourism school Salzburg-Klessheim. It has not been decided yet whether the school will be built on a different venue though.

Austrian Times

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Former footballers charged over match-fixing
Austrian prosecutors have charged former footballer Dominique Taboga over allegations of match-fixing, nearly five months after his connection to the scandal was exposed.

Salzburg cheetahs great escape
For the third time in two years a cheetah has broken out from Salzburg Zoo this week.

NGOs calls for Salzburg to act against nitrogen oxide
A consortium of environmental NGOs angry at the excessive levels of nitrogen dioxide polluting the air in the Austrian state of Salzburg have said they will launch legal action against the state unless a change is made.

Nazi Gurlitt family may be hoarding more artwork
The trove of artworks stolen by the Nazis and allegedly hoarded away by art dealer Hildebrand Gurlitt could be larger than previously thought after Austrian officials confirmed the discovery of a third house in Austria belonging to the family.

Further 180 Gurlitt paintings found in Salzburg
A further 180 paintings have been found in the Salzburg home of Cornelius Gurlitt, the son of a Nazi art dealer who made headlines in 2012 when a hoard of artwork was discovered by tax inspectors in his Munich flat.

Swedish woman fighting for life after being run over by snowmobile
A young Swedish waitress is fighting for her life after being run over by a 6.5 tonne snowmobile after deciding to ski down a closed off piste while it was being prepared at the Saalbach-Hinterglemm resort in Salzburg.

Salzburg win the Bundesliga with eight games still to go
Red Bull Salzburg have secured the top title in Austria' football league Bundesliga, the earliest point in the season the winner has ever been decided.

Austrian duped by fake Prince Harry on Facebook
An Austrian tradesman who thought Britain's Prince Harry had contracted him to provide parquet floors at Buckingham Palace is unlikely to have the 27,000 EUR he transfered to a conman returned, according to police.

Salzburg FC look to continue winning streak tonight
Red Bull Salzburg will be hoping to continue their impressive winning streak in the UEFA Europa League with a win tonight against Swiss side Basel.

Nigerian finds easy pickings with trusting Austrian
A Nigerian conman based in London had easy pickings when he purchased a laptop on eBay from a 23-year-old Austrian.


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