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Accomodations in Austria

Cosmo and Nanu

Snow causes chaos on roads

The snowfalls caused a lot of accidents in Austria on Sunday. A man died early on Monday in Upper-Austria after being hit by a lorry. In Lower-Austria and Carinthia, several people were injured, some of them severely.

The driver in Upper-Austria started to skid on the Welser motorway (A25) near Pucking and drove into the running rails. He parked his car on the emergency lane and got out. The driver of a bulldozer noticed the accident and tried to hurry to help the man. For some unknown reason, the driver suddenly ran onto the road and straight in front of a lorry. The man was hit and killed by the lorry.

Up to 20 centimetres of snow fell in Lower-Austria in the night leading to Monday. It's a period of intense activity for the road maintenance teams, the fire brigade and police. There are always cars which slip off the road during the night and have to be lifted with cable winches.

In Carinthia, the emergency crews where called around the clock across the whole region for car accidents. Several people were injures, some of them severely. On the south motorway (A2), there were three accidents shortly one after the other. In the early hours of the morning, there were also two accidents on the A1 motorway between Sankt Pölten and Melk with severe material damages. First reports indicate there was no one injured.

In Vienna, there were delays on all main roads during rush hour because of the snow. On the Nordbrücke going in to the city and on the A22 towards the Tangente as well as from the Kaisermühlen tunnel to Tagente, drivers had to expect severe delays.

On the Tangente, traffic came to a stop between Hirschstetten and the Praterbrücke and before the Inzersdorf exit in the direction of the South motorway. There were severe delays on the west entrance from Auhof and on the Breitenfurter road heading into town near the city border.

There were also issues on the roads in Salzburg, where a lorry was left behind, causing severe traffic jams in the early morning. In Styria, there were also delays and accidents – without injuries.

Severral gritters are operating since Sunday in Burgenland. The bulk of the traffic chaos was avoided, the drivers adjusting to the conditions – except for one accident which caused material damages on the A3 near Hornstein, no accidents were reported by the police.

Austrian Times

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